Survey Wire, 31 AWG, 7 Mile
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Survey Wire, 31 AWG, 7 Mile

Product Code: 517271-001

The easy unwinding survey wire spools from American Innovations provide high abrasion resistance wire with natural lubricity and excellent flexibility. Spools are available directly from American Innovations in various lengths and wire weights, so you can choose the type for your specific survey. 

Our survey wire spools have also been redesigned to increase performance and reliability in the field. Now, the wire pigtails have a flexible PVC strain relief to reduce breakage at the spool flange, and each spool is covered with a unique plastic shape-conforming netting to protect the wire on the spool during a survey and reduce wire snags/breakage caused by the wire unwinding inside of the hip pack or backpack. 

Additionally, all survey wire spools feature: 
  • Single-build polyurethane/nylon wire coating (NEMA spec no. MW-80C) 
  • A spool constructed of high-density plastic that has a 3-inch flange diameter and fits a 5/8-inch spool arbor 
  • Individual packaging in a protective box 
  • Pigtail length of 12 inches (minimum) through bottom hole in flange with PVC strain relief 
USD $130.00 /EACH
    • EACH
  • Quantity Available: 8
  • Availability: In stock
Wire   31 AWG
 Length  7 mi. (minimum)
 Average Wire Weight  8.9 lbs.
 Compatibility with AI Products  Fits in the AI Backpack