PENsolid RFID Reader - Windows
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PENsolid RFID Reader - Windows

Product Code: 517274-000

This RFID reader can be paired for instant tag reading and integrates seamlessly with the Allegro Field Data PC. This reader can be connected via its integrated Bluetooth™ interface.
  • Ergonomic – Small, light, shaped like a pen with a focused RFID antenna in a touch tip, and hole in the handle for a hand strap so it stays with you in the field as you collect instant, verifiable proof of every site visit. 
  • Powerful – After providing 10 hours of wireless data capture, recharge this reader using its Micro-USB connector and USB cable so it can be ready for the next shift.With a battery lifetime of three years and up to 700 recharges, and an IP-65 protection class, it can withstand the elements and provide continuous use. The RFID tags they read are also durable and won’t fade or become unreadable if scratched or painted over. 
  • Instant Reading – Once Allegro software is downloaded, the reader can be paired for instant tag reading. Using the RFID reader and tags can uniquely identify facilities and log audits, providing 100% verifiable data every reading.
  • Works with Allegro QX and Mesa 3 Windows Tablet Only
USD $783.00 /EACH
    • EACH
  • Quantity Available: 18
  • Availability: In stock
Allegro Compatibility  Allegro 7.1.1 (minimum)
Battery Li-Ion rechargeable
Device Size 117mm x 27mm x 19mm 
Casing Material  Plastic
Operating Temperature                  -20degC to +60degC
Storage Temperature   -20degC to +70degC